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What Is The Actual Cost Of Hiring In Demand Tech Skills In The Travel-Tech Market?

Recruiting experts with technical and travel industry expertise can be a challenging process, and most companies never really know the actual cost – often, they just look at the recruitment fee despite this usually being less than 50% of the full cost of hiring in-demand talent for IT and Tech Sales positions in the travel industry.
Positions normally become available due to someone resigning or the company creating a new role. Either way, the cost of hiring starts as soon as the business takes the decision to hire.
With so many great travel companies in the UK setting the trend in the travel-tech space globally and shaping the way we search, book and manage travel, the demand for top talent with technical and industry knowledge is soaring.
Travel companies can be distracted by trying to find the perfect individual with specific experience for a specialist role without proper planning, and aren’t always open to finding people from other industries. TMCs want people with business travel background; leisure travel companies want people from Tour Operator and Travel Agencies; travel-payment providers want people with travel-payment experience; and so on.
So, can a job advert on social media or one placed on a job board work its magic to find these highly-sought- after individuals? Often not
The true cost of hiring normally spirals up when travel companies spend too much time on channels that are not really adequate for the task. The hidden cost that some companies fail to consider is the long-term vacancy of the position, whilst the search goes on for weeks and even months. Surely every position must contribute to the bottom line, so why companies leave positions open for weeks and months at a time is puzzling. There is also the additional cost of HR and hiring managers looking through hundreds of unrelated CVs as a result of the endless search for candidates.

So How Can You Reduce The Cost And Stress Of Hiring?

  1.  Place value on the time each position is left open – filling a vacancy directly could save a travel company £5-10K in agency fees, but what is the true cost of an open vacancy and the time spent going through CVs from people lacking the relevant experience?
  2. Speak to expert recruiters in your field, test their knowledge and reference them. If you like the sound of what they have to offer, it’s a good idea to meet with them to discuss your office setup, company culture, and your requirements. This normally takes approximately one hour and is time that could save you days and months in the long-run. Travel recruitment specialists usually have lots of advice to help with filling the position, such as changing the salary range on offer or amending the required skills set, as well as extensive networks within the industry.
  3. Be clear about the recruitment process from the start by discussing a timeframe internally and getting everyone involved on board – make sure no holidays or long business trips are going to put a stop to your hiring plan, as delays can result in the loss of a top candidate to a competitor.

Let A Travel Tech Recruitment Specialist Help

The travel industry is services-based and people are key to every company’s success. Improving your recruitment processes by working with a travel tech recruitment specialist, should lead to positions being filled faster and happier employees because the pressure on teams is reduced.

Recruitment fees are a short-term expense which in the long-run can save a company a huge amount of money and stress. Be sure to get the most from your chosen recruitment firm, though, by working closely with them and making a plan to find the best possible people for your positions.


If you have specialist technical roles to fill, Skypath is here to help. We have the experience, knowledge and proven approach to find the right candidates for the travel industry and have a track-record for filling even the trickiest of roles globally. To discuss your needs, please contact us today via contact@skypath.co.uk